Global web architecture for a leader in transport tech

Tracsis Group was at a crossroads with its web infrastructure. Like many companies growing through major acquisitions, this transport technology leader needed a site that felt just as streamlined and synergised as its solutions.

The Tracsis website homepage.

Who are Tracsis?

Tracsis is a transport technology company. They specialise in data capture for monitoring and optimising railway resources.

The objectives

Raise the profile

Siloed brand websites weren’t helping the brand’s visibility or facilitating future growth.

Maintain web consistency

The brand needed to be subtly updated so that every aspect of the business felt aligned.

Improve user clarity

Users were struggling to quickly or easily understand who Tracsis are and what they do.

Content that flows

The business was missing out on an opportunity to hold 5 times as much content in one place.

The Tracsis website on a mobile phone on top of a printed version of the Tracsis brand guidelines.

The solution

New global navigation

Major integrated five of Tracsis' websites into a single architecture, providing a wealth of upsides for the business.

Easy to manage

Combining a Jamstack build with a headless CMS was the ideal choice for this brochure site. This solution makes client content management a breeze.

Reduced maintenance costs

This technical solution gave the client a robust and reliable website, whilst radically reducing maintenance time and resources.

Countless other benefits

Tracsis now has a consistent and easily-recognisable visual language, optimised code and free-flowing content; all via the business unit websites and the Group hub site itself.

What We Delivered

An integrated, consistent and easily-extendable web infrastructure.

This is an ongoing partnership of ours.