Ensuring excellent products are easy to find

For over 25 years, UHV Design’s been at the forefront of vacuum technology. Time to put its products front and centre too.


Who are UHV Design?

UHV Design specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative market-leading HV and UHV motion and heating products.

The problem

Content was confused

PDF product manuals were lost and dynamic content was causing confusion.

Shifting licence model

This setup in the existing CMS was no longer offering value for money.

Improve the experience

UHV Design needed to help users find what they were looking for faster.

Retain the sentiment

The innovative brand didn't want to jeopardise the look and feel of its site.

Close up of the CADENAS integration.

The solution

Easy and effortless

Major completely redesigned and refreshed the website, streamlining content discovery for users - without losing its appeal.

Streamlined and simplified

This brochure site didn't require regular updates, so we simplified the content management process for administrators.

Jamstack + Headless CMS

This solution gave the client a robust and reliable website, with very little upkeep.

New features

Finding content became simpler than ever with the following improvements:

  • Cleaner navigation - clearing out the clutter of unused content, e.g. news/events
  • Expandable products menu - with custom iconography to boost content familiarity
  • Autocomplete product search - saving valuable seconds on every request
  • Product catalogue page - grouped by categories that are understood in the industry
  • Centralised product manuals - PDFs could be easily downloaded via ‘product help’
Someone using the UVH Design website on a mobile phone.

What We Delivered

A high-performing website that improved the customer experience and greatly reduces the on-going investment.

This is an ongoing partnership of ours.

The results:

4 secsimprovement for the average largest contentful paint

10 secsimprovement for visually complete loading

89%reduction in annual costs