Research and insights

From project discovery to user testing, everything we do is evidence-based. By analysing your audience, we can continuously improve your UX and goals based on fact - not fiction.

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How our research expertise can support you

Are you looking for help with...

  • Understanding what your customers really need?
  • Implementing the right solution for your audience?
  • Uncovering performance issues before they become problems?
  • Analysing how users feel about your brand and products?
  • Turning research results into actionable insights?
  • Harnessing the power of UX for larger projects?
  • Balancing business objectives with user needs?
  • User testing for websites, applications and prototypes?

How do we approach research projects?

First and foremost, we always involve real users from the start. This gives us a wealth of qualitative and quantitive data to work with. Balanced, unbiased and perfect for contextual analysis.

Our approach after that? Well, it's as unique as your customers.

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Project discovery

Discovery is a deep dive into your objectives, users and competitors. It allows us to identify the pain points, metrics for success and any critical paths. Crucially, it allows us to create roadmaps and accurate quotes so nothing’s left to chance.

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User testing

Use tailored user testing to drive improvement, without making assumptions. Tailormade to ensure your customers' voices come through loud and clear. More user insight, less internal sentiment. What we think doesn't matter. Not until there's data to validate it, anyway.

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Continuous research and insights

From user testing the website to sentiment analysis around your brand, get regular recommendations based on real insights. That way you can rest assured knowing you'll always satisfy the needs of your users - if and when they change.

Why choose Major Digital for your research project?

We like to think of ourselves as small giants.

Why? Because we’re a compact crew with colossal ideas.

At Major, we combine years of problem-solving experience with cutting-edge technology. Guided technical development that gives you space to seize the opportunities so your brand can flourish.

Focus on what you love. Forget the rest.

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Case Study

The Musicians' Union

Ensuring a complex membership community could find the right advice, quickly

We conducted an extensive research and insights investigation. The aim was to thoroughly understand user needs and align this with the MU's website goals.

During this process, it became clear what the solution was: to improve the existing information architecture.

We delivered:

  • A comprehensive investigation: We interviewed current members, non-members and business staff, data analytics, competitor search term analysis, customer journey map workshop, information architecture card sorts and tree tests
  • An informed, user-first strategy
  • A successful solution: A tree test success improved from 41% to 75%.

Major also has consulting expertise in:

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Digital transformation

Guided technical strategy and development that ensures your assets always scale alongside your business. Stay flexible and evolve at the same rate as your customers. Grow, adapt and flourish.

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Creative consulting

The most remarkable campaigns and concepts are supported by even sounder strategies. From researching competitors to campaign ideation, we'll guide your creative process from start to finish.

The Tracsis website on a mobile phone on top of the Tracsis brand guidelines.

Technical consulting

It can feel intimidating when technology's forever evolving. Don't worry, we stay ahead of the curve. Blending the latest tools and methodologies, we'll keep you cutting-edge and ahead of the competition.