Customer experience design

Today, it’s not as simple as designing a customer experience online. Instead, there are countless touchpoints to consider. We’ll ensure all of your customers have a seamless interaction. Whoever they are, wherever they’re coming from.

The prototype for a customer experience design project.

Our approach to customer experience design

The dreamiest of digital designs don’t come from guesswork. They’re grounded in cold, hard customer insights. Our team uses design thinking to ensure every one of your technical touchpoints is set up to attract, engage and convert. We do this through:

  • User testing for websites, applications and prototypes - even either in person or online
  • Competitor research to ensure your digital designs are distinct and ahead of the pack
  • SWOT analysis to ensure your strategy is the right for fit for the market and your customers
  • Detailed personas, customer journeys and empathy mapping. This ensures every interaction is based on insights
  • Wireframes and prototypes that give you a tangible feel for the ‘real thing’
  • UX and UI design that’s both remarkable to the eye and responsive to the touch
  • Continuous testing with real users so we can make quick, iterative changes before going live

Major also has engineering expertise in:

A website on a mobile phone screen.

Web design and build

We’ll never squeeze your site into a template that works for us. Instead, we scope your requirements and build something that's right for you - no one else. Bespoke websites that solve your problems, not add to them.

Someone writing code on screen.

Product development

Our intuitive web applications are tailor-made to provide the same great user experience across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems. Remarkable on the eye, responsive to the touch.

Someone in a workshop using post-it notes.

Continuous improvement

From enhancing UX and SEO to keeping you ahead of that technical debt, we know how to continuously improve digital products. So that gives you more time to surprise and satisfy your users elsewhere.