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Developing a sweet marketing community website with lots of toppings
Digital Doughnut - what we did
The overview

Building a community

It was a real privilege to work on this exciting project to redesign and reconfigure the user interface of this highly respected and popular online marketing community. As an expanding company, looking to grow its in-house expertise and experience with every project, this was a great opportunity for us to challenge ourselves and really showcase what we can do.

The challenge

Positioning for Growth

Digital Doughnut had outgrown the legacy platform their site was built on, with over 2,000 articles and 18,000 users, and growing. The platform was struggling to cope and didn’t offer Digital Doughnut the flexibility and scalability it required to expand its operations. Data had to be mapped and migrated to a new platform without losing existing functionality, but allowing for more advanced features to be added. 

User accounts, user generated content, content tagging and filtering, event registration, event attendance records and authenticated documents were just some of the areas that required careful review and migration. On top of that, a new design was long overdue. Digital Doughnut required a design and a site that were not only visually impressive, but optimised for mobile use and frequent spikes in traffic, and yielding a super-smooth user experience. 

Compare the current site with the old

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Digital Doughnut website before Digital Doughnut website after
Minimum viable product
The solution

Minimum viable product

The Kentico CMS was the perfect fit. We were able to leverage a lot of the core CMS functionality to meet the project requirements, but, as Kentico Gold Partners, we could also customise and improve the platform at a source-code level where we needed to achieve bespoke functionality.

For example, we implemented custom login and registration methods for users - who also have the ability to submit their own articles, sign up to events and download industry reports. We also developed a broad range of advanced data management and exporting features to make administrators’ lives much easier.

The solution

The big migration

We used our own front-end framework (Ox), which allows us to create a highly efficient, scalable and maintainable front-end codebase.

The migration of such a wealth of articles and users was streamlined thanks to Kentico’s import toolkit; and having such a large volume of content was invaluable pre launch to ensure the site’s layout and design features worked appropriately.

Minimum viable product image
The results

What success looks like

The results of the project, three months post launch compared with three months prior.

598% Increase in user contributions
218% Increase in mobile traffic
26% Increase in pages per session
186% Increase in global page views
124% Increase in unique users
1088% Increase in user sign ups

Our hard work has already been recognised within the industry, with Digital Doughnut’s redeveloped digital community platform being awarded Kentico Site of the Month in April 2016, Kentico Customer Success Story 2016, and Wirehive100 B2B Site of the Year 2016.

Kentico Awards
WireHive 100 B2B Site of the Year
Simon Johnson Simon Johnson Digital Doughnut

We’re delighted with the quality of everything produced by Major Digital. From the outset they've fully understood our requirements and have added essential insight and direction at every stage. Not only is the team flexible, efficient and professional, but they know the Kentico platform inside out. They are a great bunch of people who genuinely care about delivering the best solution possible.

We’re looking forward to building upon our relationship with Major Digital over the coming months.

The conclusion

An ongoing relationship

The initial re-launch of the site was just the first phase in a long roadmap of improvements and enhancements that we have planned out with Digital Doughnut. Post launch, we’ve already implemented multiple phases of additional development work, ranging from small usability design tweaks to fundamental registration alterations. For the foreseeable months, there are lots of increasingly sophisticated features being rolled out to the website's ever-expanding community.

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