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A highly bespoke Kentico build for a company that offers football fans a chance to indulge during their football match break experiences
Indulge Football - what we did
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The overview

Inspiring pleasure

We’re proud to have delivered a stunning website to help Indulge showcase and sell their unique travel experiences.

We designed the site to give Indulge customers a simple and intuitive way of crafting bespoke holidays that meet their individual needs and budgets.

The Indulge mission is to deliver highly tailored and unique travel experiences - taking the pain out of arranging group, couple and family trips.

Since its initial launch, on-going learning and optimisation from the site has already influenced a shift in strategy and the site is now entirely focused on sports-related holidays.

The challenge

Bespoke platform development

Indulge came to Major Digital seeking a platform to promote their market-leading packages and to enable their customers to quickly and intuitively browse products and to request further information.

For the site to deliver a tailored package, Indulge needed a user interface capable of handling a vast amount of filterable data, complex user requests and submissions.

Offers and bespoke packages in different destinations are often time-limited, so the site content needed to be auto-archived and refreshed on a regular basis to keep all information current and avoid user disappointment.

To create a filtering system where the user would be able to select an event or experience theme and then apply multiple further filters. The filters would need to be updateable and persist without being intrusive to the search results.

To create a range of different forms, ranging from fixtures-based forms to a natural language form, that would be easy to navigate and use, with all data cleanly retained in the back end for administrator reference. In addition, Indulge admins needed to be able to create their own variants of the forms in the back end of the CMS.

To create an event calendar to display all events/fixtures in a user-friendly format so that users can quickly and easily see which events are available at different times of the year. The calendar needed to be able to be placed on any desired page of the site and be filtered by destination or activity.

Bespoke platform development browser
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Responsive website
The solution

An engaging & informative experience

The new user interface was designed to be visually compelling and easy to navigate across all devices. Holiday purchase decisions are rarely made in a single session, so content was clearly signposted and user journeys made familiar, even if customers moved between devices for different sessions.

To help build trust in the service and products offered, we introduced user testimonials that doubled as navigational in-page devices.

The Kentico CMS enabled us to easily develop multiple forms and variations of forms that track user choices over time, enabling the Indulge team to develop user personas, identify target user groups and tailor content accordingly.

Davs Howard Davs Howard Head of Digital

This project was significantly challenging and involved huge complexity in the way the content needed to be structured and connected, especially given the level of bespoke functionality and advanced forms. The learning curve was steep, but we’ve built some valuable experience and advanced technology that has already benefited subsequent projects.

The results

Thousands of enquiries

Indulge wanted this site to help them to grow their database of contacts, customer base, sales lead count and conversions, and to help establish them as a market leader in their field.

The new site has seen extremely positive results, particularly with regard to mobile traffic uplift and user engagement.

When comparing the five months since launch (January 2016) to the same time period in the previous year the site has seen a:

257% Increase in sessions
237% Increase in unique users
224% Increase in global page views
515% Increase in mobile traffic – including a swing of total traffic from a third mobile traffic to two-thirds
1000+ Enquiries - and counting!
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