Innovations in Agriculture

A multi-lingual event campaign website and development of bespoke event management modules for the world's largest expo of sustainable agriculture innovations.
Innovations in Agriculture - what we did
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The overview

We like saying yes to our clients

We’ve worked with the team behind GFIA (Turret Media) for almost 10 years now, but for the 2017 edition of their GFIA event site, they wanted something new, something bolder, something to make the event stand out from the crowd.

Turret also wanted to use our full suite of bespoke event management modules coupled with the latest version of the Kentico CMS (at the time this was v9).

Oh, and the whole site needed to work seamlessly across multiple devices, in both English and Arabic.

The challenge

You’d like the site in Arabic too? Sure, no worries.

We had to pull out all the stops on this one in order to redevelop the site for re-launch within an 8-week window.

The key challenges for the MAJOR team were:

  • Migrating our bespoke event management modules from earlier versions of Kentico to V9, which required adopting a completely new user interface
  • Implementation of the new site designs in both English and Arabic
  • Bespoke HTML5 animations to really make the site stand out and communicate the key selling points of the event
You’d like the site in Arabic too? Sure, no worries. browser
You’d like the site in Arabic too? Sure, no worries. image
The solution

An engaging & informative experience

The complete GFIA site design was revisited from the ground up, with new, fresh, engaging graphics and on-scroll animated content to really draw in the user.

We knew our way around the source code of Kentico pretty well by then, having been a Kentico partner for almost 9 years. So, we quickly set to work re-skinning and further integrating our event management modules in Kentico V9. 

We tightly integrated the modules so they looked and felt part of Kentico CMS natively.

We used Kentico Draft to help the client manage the redevelopment of the site content in parallel with us technically redeveloping the site. This helped to avoid ‘getting in each other's way' whilst we both worked towards the demanding 8-week launch deadline. We then exported the new content from Kentico Draft straight into the new site with minimum fuss. 

The new GFIA website has been a key cornerstone in helping us continue to grow the GFIA event globally. We always receive a positive response to the website from our exhibitors, sponsors and visitors. Working with Major is effortless; they completely understand our requirements and always deliver.

R. Oxley Event Director
The results

A very successful event

This site’s traffic is largely dictated by the event’s date.

Compared with the same period the previous year, the GFIA EU 2016 site saw an 81% increase in sessions with a 120% increase in users – a vitally important statistic for an event.

Page views hit 196,000 between the launch of the new site and the event. More than 160 exhibitors used the custom exhibitor module, whilst nearly 1,000 enquires were made through the site.

81% Increase in sessions
120% Increase in unique users
190K Page views in the 4 months running up to the event
160 Exhibitors made use of the custom exhibitor module
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