A design refresh across a diverse portfolio of events and publications
Quartz - what we did
The overview

Portfolio review

Quartz Business Media have an eclectic portfolio of events. They came to us looking for a design refresh across their entire portfolio of events and publications, with a couple of launch events thrown into the mix too.

There wasn’t a requirement for any kind of brand unity across the launch events; they all needed their own identity and voice, which was music to the ears of our design team! The publications and existing events, however, obviously carried an element of brand equity so a modicum of design sensitivity was required for these products.

The challenge

Large peg into tiny holes

As with any event design programme, the main challenge is making sure the event brand translates effectively across a broad range of digital and printed media. We would need design systems that could be rapidly applied to stationary, signage, websites, digital advertising, billboard advertising, printed media, show badges, the list goes on...

Compounding the ‘volume of work’ challenge in the events sector, is the small window of time available for design before media starts being required. All of the events were annual events and all publications were quarterly. This design project across all products ran through 18 months, with 3 - 4 events or publications being in various stages of design production at any one time.

Our approach

Getting moody

We used mood boards, initially, on all products to agree the flavour and direction our designers would take for each brand. Mood boards are a great way to involve the client and encourage their ideas and thoughts out of their heads and onto the page for everyone to discuss. Font families, image usage and colour schemes are rapidly tested and scrutinised. Although the ones used on the resulting mood board may not be the ones ultimately used, lots of decisions have been made and give our design team a massive head start.

For each of the launch events we fast-tracked Quartz through our branding process by using live content to test the brand, so that we at least had some usable collateral early in the event cycle - even if it was just an advert and an event brochure. The look-and-feel of the event was then tweaked and honed in subsequent marketing output.

Effusion cover
Vape Out


The event for e-cigarette wholesalers, distributors and retailers. Effusion required a brand image that set it a long-way from the negative image of cigarettes and was very sensitive to the exhibitors who were trying to make positive change in the industry. 

Effusion logo

Effusion background
The Arena of Performance and Health


The connection between exercise, health and performance. Elevate was the UK's first cross-sector event bringing together those working in performance industries, to focus on an increasingly important and complex societal challenge: turning the tide on inactivity. 

Elevate logo

Elevate cover
Elevate background
Brewing cover
Brewing Aspirations

Brewing event

The rapidly growing brewing industry needed a trade exhibition and professional event that offers a business and networking platform. BE&T is where brewers can source new equipment, technology, measuring and monitoring tools, training, packaging, branding, ingredients and consultancy.

Brewing logo 

Brewing event background
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