Continuous research and insights

Customer desires shift over time, it's inevitable. But that doesn't mean you should get replaced by the “next big thing”. With continuous research and insights, you'll stay front-and-centre in their hearts and minds.

Team members sticking post-in notes to a whiteboard.

Cast your mind back a minute. Are you exactly the same person you were a few years - or even months - ago? Maybe. But one thing's for certain: we're shaped by the continuously changing world around us. And that means our perceptions of the brands we interact with evolve too - not to mention our needs and objectives. So, that's why Major provides ongoing research and insights +. This ensures everything we do is evidence-based, driving continuous improvement based on fact - not fiction. Ongoing UX research and insights includes:

  • user testing for websites, applications and prototypes - even either in person or online.
  • health checks on current websites and applications to ensure optimum performance.
  • research into how new pages and features will work in your current architecture.
  • sentiment analysis about how users are feeling towards your brand.
  • follow up recommendations to ensure your website and services are satisfying users.

So you can rest assured you'll always be aligned with the needs of your customers. If or when they ever change.

Our other Research and insights services

Someone drawing a mind map on a whiteboard.

Project discovery

The discovery phase allows us to create accurate quotes, ensuring nothing is left to chance. Giving clients a roadmap beforehand allows them to decide whether this is a trip worth taking.

Someone using a laptop.

User testing

In-depth user testing that's designed to ensure your customer voices come through loud and clear. Because what we think doesn't matter. Not until there's data to validate it, anyway.