Project discovery

At Major, we like to get under the bonnet before hitting the road. Discovery is a deep dive into your objectives, creating a clear path forward. One without any bumps in the road.

Someone drawing a mind map on a whiteboard.

Would you set off without knowing where you're going? Maybe. But for longer trips, you'd do some research beforehand. You know, just so you don't miss any hotspots. And that's why discovery's so important. It makes sure nothing's left to chance, allowing us to create the most accurate quotes for our clients. And as for clients, this work gives them the clearest idea of where they could go and, crucially, if it's a trip worth taking.

We split the discovery phase into two stages:

  • Research and analysis - this is a comprehensive deep-dive into your business, users, competitors and the project itself. What are the metrics for success? How are your users feeling and what's causing them the most grief? We take all of this data, along with a comprehensive SEO and brand audit to create a clear path forward.
  • Requirements documentation - research and analysis inform this comprehensive roadmap. It includes stuff like user stories, empathy maps and other customer insights that are crucial in shaping the plan going forwards. We can go granular too. Want to know exactly where those red routes and critical paths are? We've got it covered.

Our other Research and insights services

Someone using a laptop.

User testing

In-depth user testing that's designed to ensure your customer voices come through loud and clear. Because what we think doesn't matter. Not until there's data to validate it, anyway.

Team members sticking post-in notes to a whiteboard.

Continuous research and insights

From sentiment analysis to ongoing recommendations, our team can provide regular insights. Entirely unique, these are tailor-made to drive continuous improvement in your brand. Always based on evidence, never assumptions.