User testing

There's no better way to get customer insight and anecdotal evidence about your brand. At Major, we do the work to find out what your users feel about you - so you don't have to.

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How do your users really feel? Sometimes, it's hard to tell. Because when there's internal sentiment and bias towards our products or websites, things can become blurry. So, that's why we provide in-depth user testing - guaranteed to ensure your customer voices come through loud and clear. Our tried-and-tested approach to user testing includes:

We split the discovery phase into two stages:

  • taking a deep-dive into how your customers really feel about your products. This uncovers pain-points and informs any potential improvements
  • testing these new product ideas with real customers. That way, we can learn first-hand whether or not it meets their expectations are being met - without making assumptions
  • blending testing with ongoing research and insights. This drives continuous improvement, helping to rectify any problems before they become larger issues

Because, at Major, what we think doesn't matter. Not until there's data to validate it, anyway.

Our other Research and insights services

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Project discovery

The discovery phase allows us to create accurate quotes, ensuring nothing is left to chance. Giving clients a roadmap beforehand allows them to decide whether this is a trip worth taking.

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Continuous research and insights

From sentiment analysis to ongoing recommendations, our team can provide regular insights. Entirely unique, these are tailor-made to drive continuous improvement in your brand. Always based on evidence, never assumptions.