UX research and insights

We create desirable, usable digital solutions through expert user research, strategy, iterative UX design and testing.

Project strategy

The success of any project hinges on how well we understand the business needs and objectives and how they align or differ from the target users’ behaviour, needs and objectives. We believe a clear strategy to marry the two is essential and can implement efficient project strategy to oversee this.

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Prototyping and UX testing

Wireframes are a great way to convey the overall direction and description of the projected user experience yet to be designed and make great devices to test with users.

When you work with us, we’ll ensure that, early on, what we intend to build makes sense and meets the needs of your business and all of its future users, including employees, customers and other stakeholders. We will gradually increase the fidelity of our designs throughout the phase, until we have working high-fidelity prototypes that are validated through thorough user testing that can be confidently handed over to the development team.

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UX design

At Major Digital, the design of positive experiences for you and your potential users is driven by an iterative and empathic UX design process that ensures we understand the needs of the audiences we are designing for.

We seek to involve real users right from the outset and throughout the whole design process and have a huge variety of design and research techniques in our toolkit, ensuring we create highly desirable, usable and accessible digital solutions.

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