Prototyping and testing

Our designs are informed by thorough wireframes, prototyping and testing to ensure the needs of your business and your users is met.

A new website is a big deal for your business so, once you’ve decided to take the leap, you need to know your ideas will make an impact on the right people.

Our designs are informed with thorough wireframe prototyping and testing phases. We ensure that what we propose building not only makes sense, but that it meets the needs of your business and works for all its future users.

We’ll work closely with your team and key stakeholders to understand your users’ needs, drilling down into how they think to define the overall problem your website needs to solve.

Using initial wireframe designs or low-fidelity prototypes, we’ll build out possible website structures to convey projected user journeys and work with you to test these assumptions. By implementing regular feedback and conducting thorough user testing, we then gradually increase the fidelity of our designs until the end result of the prototyping phase is achieved.

You’ll have working, high-fidelity prototypes that are ready to progress to the next design stage.

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