Support and maintenance

Even the most reliable solutions need a tune-up from time to time. Rest assured, we won't leave you hanging. We've got a range of support and maintenance packages, tailor made for your needs.

Two team members discussing an issue on screen.

However resilient your technical solution is, it'll always need a little maintenance to keep things ticking along. That's why we offer ongoing support and maintenance packages for all web projects. Just some reassurance that your solution will always be performing at its best. This covers technical jobs like:

  • Updating software or improving website speed
  • Fixing HTML errors and broken links or backing up files
  • Scheduling and carrying out regular maintenance
  • Content support and training to get the best out of features

As support and maintenance are ongoing, you can rest assured our team will always be by your side - so that tiny job never becomes a big problem. An invaluable piece of mind that doesn't break the bank.

Our other Web development services

A website on a mobile phone screen.

Website development

Bespoke websites that are designed to solve client problems - not add to them. That means no unnecessary features to bloat the back end. If it's not used now, it's not making the wireframe.

Someone writing code on screen.

Web app development

Our web applications offer an intuitive way of creating the same great user experience across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems. Reliable, robust and responsive.

A technical diagram on a whiteboard.

Technical consulting

Unsure about APIs, coding languages or migrations? Whether we're leading the project or just a second pair of eyes, we've got an answer for all those tricky technical questions.

Someone in a workshop using post-it notes.

Continuous development

From enhancing UX and SEO to keeping you ahead of that technical debt, we know how to continuously improve digital products. So that gives you more time to surprise and satisfy your users elsewhere.

The Azure cloud dashboard.


From Microsoft Azure to Amazon Web Services, we only use like-minded providers that prioritise scalability and security. Flexible cloud-based solutions that adapt to your needs.