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Transforming a simulation into a site-to-behold

Birds-eye view of motorway with a green abstract graphic overlayed.

Realis Simulation solves the problems that matter through process innovation. Time to use our own problem-solving skills to return the favour.

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Who are Realis Simulation?

A trusted technology partner to the world’s leading transport suppliers.

The problem

Rapid relocation and rebuild

Part of the business was being acquired and needed a new website.

‘Lifting and shifting’ not an option

This was prohibited by the Content Management System (CMS) licensing agreement.

Costly hosting environment

Working with the current infrastructure wouldn’t future-proof the solution.

Time was of the essence

We only had a 4-week window due to legalities around the sale.

The solution

Full creative control

Rebuilding the site in a Jamstack environment gave the client easy access and administrative capabilities going forward.

Realis website

Future-proofed and cost-effective

This solution ensured there were no expensive licence fees or hosting requirements.

Realis website

Super-fast and user-friendly

This reliable website maintains brand consistency whilst also making vast accessibility and UX improvements.

The Realis website on a mobile phone screen.

On-time and within budget

This robust and reliable solution was competently delivered within the 4-week timeframe.

Realis website

What We Delivered

A high-performing website that improved the customer experience and greatly reduces the on-going investment.

The results:
  • 35+

    Google Lighthouse improvement from an average of 62 to 97

  • 4 weeks

    delivery timeline for the solution

  • 93%

    reduction in annual licencing and hosting costs

  • Climate-Positive Website - EFWA Accredited.
  • Ecologi.
  • SME Climate Hub.
  • The Green Web Foundation.