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Headless CMS Websites

At MAJOR, we turn complex web challenges into stress-free solutions.

Our Headless CMS Websites offer the agility your business needs, allowing seamless content management across platforms with unmatched speed, security, and cross-platform compatibility. No off-the-shelf solutions here. We focus on building high-performing, standout websites, ensuring each project is a testament to our partnership, technical know-how, and design finesse.

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Bespoke Builds, Every Time

Each solution is engineered from the ground up to perfectly align with your project—whether it's a streamlined website or a comprehensive brand ecosystem. At MAJOR, we meticulously select the right tools for each task, minimising the risk of vendor lock-in and ensuring your digital infrastructure is as unique as your brand's needs.

Content Mastery

Our focus is content-first, freeing you to maintain visual and narrative consistency across all channels. By centralising your content into one robust hub, we transform it into a dynamic force, delivering a cohesive omnichannel experience that elevates your brand.

Scaled for Success

Embrace growth with an architecture that scales as fast as your ambitions. Adopting new technologies becomes seamless, letting you expand effortlessly in every dimension—from bandwidth and content structures to overall brand presence.

Accelerated Launch Velocity

With fewer obstacles, our developers concentrate on delivering, not juggling incompatible tech. This streamlined approach means your digital offerings reach the market quicker, connecting you with your audience as quickly as possible.

Security as Standard

Headless CMS solutions inherently enhance security. With backend and frontend decoupled, exposure to threats is drastically reduced, fortifying your digital presence against attacks while maintaining a seamless user experience.

Performance Built-In

We believe in performance by design. By leveraging the fastest technologies and optimising rendering methods from the start, your website isn't just built—it's engineered for speed, setting a high-performance foundation for any future initiative.

Innovation Without Constraints

Change is not just necessary; it's a strategic advantage. Our headless approach simplifies the innovation process, focusing on each update or addition without the worry of legacy interconnections. This agile methodology leads to cost savings and the opportunity to outpace your competitors, driving higher ROI.

Think headless is for you? Let's talk.

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