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Our latest podcasts

Sam Zindel

Season 01 Episode 06

Becoming Net Positive with Sustainable Business Growth

with Sam Zindel

Mo Kanjilal

Season 01 Episode 05

Diversity dialogue: Storytelling for positive impacts

with Mo Kanjilal

Dr Adam Jones

Season 01 Episode 04

Eco-economics: Crafting a sustainable business future

with Dr. Adam Jones

Sam Harland.

Season 01 Episode 03

Unlocking the Power of Community and Networking

with Samantha Harland

The MAJOR Difference - Episode 2 cover.

Season 01 Episode 02

Going all-in on AI

with Anthony Mayfield

The MAJOR Difference - Episode 1 cover.

Season 01 Episode 01

Sustainability in Web Development

with Davs Howard

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