A platform for improving international relationships for UK Boarding Schools

The British Boarding Schools Network needed help revitalising their brand, their digital platform and their public-facing website. Through research, creative design and web development, we delivered a cohesive digital solution to achieve all three objectives.

The dashboard of the British Boarding Schools Network web app.

Who are British Boarding Schools Network?

The British Boarding Schools Network (BBSN) is a membership and services network for schools to recruit international students.

What they needed

BBSN came to us with an existing platform and a mis-suited company persona that wasn't working as they would have liked. They wanted to collaborate with a new digital partner, add new functionality for their users and build something better for the future.

They had three specific builds in mind:

  1. A marketing tool kit
  2. A marketing website
  3. A web app that could connect boarding schools with educational agents
A selection of the branding done for BBSN.

Our Solution

The whole project was split into three to meet the three objectives BBSN wanted: rebranding and brand strategy (including the business name), creating a public facing website, and building a bespoke web app.

We first analysed their existing web app and material to understand the user experience and how it could be improved across the three deliverables.

For the public-facing website, we used Kentico . This is because it offered specific functionality that could deliver on the new vision of BBSN.

We developed a bespoke membership relational management framework. This was then integrated into Kentico, in order to provide the flexibility required whilst leveraging Kentico's feature set. The original platform included unique data fields for different user types: schools, organisations and members of staff. However, this data wasn't clearly mapped or documented.

The existing data of over 3000 schools and agencies, each with over 400 fields each, needed to be understood, mapped and migrated. As this was such a big task, we knew leveraging Kentico's functionality with a bespoke app would deliver the results needed. This combined technology allowed us to push the app's capabilities further, so we could show comprehensive profiles, allow users to add news and events, provide a complex search feature and more..

For more information on how we approach individual projects like this one, head over to our process page.

Screenshots of the public marketing website.
The search page for the BBSN web app.

What We Delivered

A cohesive digital offering. This included a refreshed brand, a responsive, public-facing website and a web app that caters to different user needs.

This is an ongoing partnership of ours.

The results:

3000+profiles migrated

1200%search response time improvement

600%admin area speed boost

280%data saving time decrease