Taking the headache out of healthcare bookings

KIMS Hospital needed an easier way for patients to arrange appointments. An Online Booking Portal (OBP) would allow them to do so, without having to call or visit.

Who are KIMS Hospital?

KIMS Hospital is the largest independent hospital in Kent.

The objectives

Make things easier

The system needed to make bookings more convenient for new and existing patients.

Reduce the volume

Fewer incoming telephone calls would also reduce the hospital’s administrative overhead.

Attract new patients

Most of today’s patients prefer websites or apps when it comes to booking appointments.

Become more competitive

KIMS Hospital needed to catch up with competitors already using online booking systems.

The solution

Accurate internal integration

By integrating with the internal patient management system, this system accurately reflects the availability of appointments.

Accessible to everyone

Built on React, the OBP is designed to be super accessible so that any patient can understand and use it with ease.

Book specialist treatments

From private GP appointments to physical therapy treatments, users easily view the available slots - before paying for them.

What We Delivered

A bespoke booking platform integrated with their internal patient management and booking system to help make things easier for their patients.

This is an ongoing partnership of ours.

The results:

10%of new appointments booked done via the OBP inside six months