Continuous improvement

These days, technology doesn't stand still for long - so neither should you. From increasing web accessibility to chipping away at technical debt, we'll continuously improve your digital experiences.

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Our approach to continuous improvement

Customer desires shift over time, it's inevitable. But that doesn't mean you should get replaced by the “next big thing”. Here's how we can help you continuously improve your products.

Continuous development

Software can't stay stagnant. To satisfy users, it takes regular technical TLC. Essentially, that's why continuous development works so well. Instead of improving software in one large batch, developers can quickly develop and release improvements as and when they're required. By working in efficient development cycles, our team can:

  • Implement improvements based on reports and feedback, e.g. accessibility, user experience (UX), or search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Frequently develop and release new features for your site or products
  • Make iterative and impactful enhancements to your current functionality
  • Execute recommendations that ensure you stay ahead of technical debt

Continuous research and insights

We’re continuously shaped by the changing world around us. And that means our perceptions of the brands we interact with evolve too - not to mention our needs and objectives. Our research and insights are evidence-based, driving continuous improvement based on fact - not fiction. This includes things like:

  • User testing for websites, applications and prototypes - even either in person or online
  • Health checks on current websites and applications to ensure optimum performance
  • Research into how new pages and features will work in your current architecture
  • Sentiment analysis about how users are feeling towards your brand
  • Follow up recommendations to ensure your website and expertise are satisfying users.

So you can rest assured you'll always be aligned with the needs of your customers. If or when they ever change.

Digital assets

With so many brands vying for attention, you can only make an emotional impact with content that’s both remarkable and responsive. That's why we ensure all of your digital assets continuously scale at the same rate as your business. Lasting first impressions come from assets that allure. Our team can help by:

  • Providing competitor research to ensure your brand identity is always distinct
  • Producing eye-catching and alluring assets; be it for digital, print or multimedia use
  • Creating and updating your brand book, ensuring your visuals stay consistent across every touchpoint
  • Ensuring your content and campaigns are timely, on brand and as creative as they are compelling

Major also has engineering expertise in:

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Web design and build

We’ll never squeeze your site into a template that works for us. Instead, we scope your requirements and build something that's right for you - no one else. Bespoke websites that solve your problems, not add to them.

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Product development

Our intuitive web applications are tailor-made to provide the same great user experience across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems. Remarkable on the eye, responsive to the touch.

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Customer experience design

When there are so many touchpoints to consider, it’s not as simple as designing a single experience online. We ensure all your customers have a seamless interaction. Whoever they are, wherever they’re coming from.