Web design and build

At Major, we don't squeeze your site into a template that works for us. Instead, we scope your requirements and build something that's right for you - no one else. Bespoke websites that solve your problems, not add to them.

A website on a mobile phone screen.

Our website design and build process

WordPress or Jamstack? Simple or highly-custom? When it comes to website development, our team doesn't believe in “one-size-fits-all”. Sure, we can develop everything from a kickstarter website to an all-singing, all-dancing enterprise-level CMS. But only when we've discovered what your project needs.

Project discovery

At Major, we like to get under the bonnet before hitting the road. Discovery is a deep dive into your objectives, creating a clear path forward. One without any bumps in the road. There’s a lot to get into, so we split this into two stages:

  • Learning - this is a comprehensive deep-dive into your business, users, competitors and the project itself. What are the metrics for success? How are your users feeling and what's causing them the most grief? We take all of this data, along with a comprehensive SEO and brand audit to create a clear path forward.
  • Defining - research and analysis inform this comprehensive roadmap. It includes stuff like user stories, empathy maps and other customer insights that are crucial in shaping the plan going forwards. We can go granular too. Want to know exactly where those red routes and critical paths are? We've got it covered.

Website design

We design accessible, high-quality experiences with you and your users in mind. That’s because our sites are designed and developed to solve client problems - not add to them. No unnecessary features to bloat the back end. If it's not used now, it's not making the wireframe.

Website development

As stunning as they are sturdy, the best websites balance form with functionality. We develop sites that hit that special sweet spot between the two. From enterprise-level systems that support multi-site infrastructures, to campaign landing pages focused on conversion, we’ve done it.

Digital assets

With so many brands vying for attention, you can only make an emotional impact with content that’s both remarkable and responsive. That's why we ensure all your digital assets scale at the same rate as your business. Lasting first impressions come from assets that allure.

Major also has engineering expertise in:

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Product development

Our intuitive web applications are tailor-made to provide the same great user experience across multiple devices, browsers and operating systems. Remarkable on the eye, responsive to the touch.

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Continuous improvement

From enhancing UX and SEO to keeping you ahead of that technical debt, we know how to continuously improve digital products. So that gives you more time to surprise and satisfy your users elsewhere.

Someone in a workshop using post-it notes.

Customer experience design

When there are so many touchpoints to consider, it’s not as simple as designing a single experience online. We ensure all your customers have a seamless interaction. Whoever they are, wherever they’re coming from.