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April 2024 – Innovations and Milestones

Celebrating Achievements and Exploring Future Endeavours

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Screenshot of the product configurator UI we developed
Another Digital Product Successfully Launched!

We've just rolled out a custom-built product configurator for one of our microscopy clients. It's fresh off the press, so keep your eyes peeled for a detailed case study coming next month. We can't wait to dive into the nitty-gritty with you!

A group of employees chatting on a monotone green background
Exciting Brand and Web Transformation

We're on the home stretch with our exciting project for Into Games—complete rebrand and website overhaul. The transformation is almost complete, and we're buzzing with excitement to share the finished product with you. Look out for the full case study in our next update!

New Partnerships on the Horizon

We're over the moon to announce our new collaboration with Concurrent Technologies! We've just wrapped up their Annual Report & Accounts, and a branding and web project is starting as this newsletter goes out. Stay tuned for more updates as we bring this partnership to life.

Elsewhere on our Creative Radars

There’s so much more going on here! We've recently signed a new contract to continue our support of The Musicians Union with their brand communications and website upkeep. We've also boosted the technical SEO for TTMC and built a shiny new blog feature for the creative minds at SweejTech. It’s all go here at MAJOR, and we’re loving how 2024 is panning out!

Our latest knowledge posts

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Brand Security in the Digital Age

Explore how Headless CMS, Jamstack, and Composable Tech Safeguard your Brand against Cyber Threats.

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Discover how Restless Innovation fuels Digital Brand Transformation and why Headless Architectures are key to Success.

News and Platform Updates

A string of headless CMS logos on a purple background
Prismic's Latest Innovations

Heads up, tech enthusiasts! Prismic has been cooking up some exciting new features. They’ve just rolled out the beta version of AI in their page builder—including a very cool ‘smart copy-and-paste’ feature! Plus, they've launched a new Media library that boasts enhanced search functions, intuitive tagging, and filtering. Oh, and for those who appreciate the backend magic, we recently implemented their new Migration API for the aforementioned product configurator—the feedback from our dev team was nothing short of stellar!

Storyblok's Development Delights

Meanwhile, over at Storyblok, the updates keep coming and they’re just as thrilling, but slightly on the geeky side for this newsletter. Trust us, they’ve made some hefty enhancements to their platform—it’s getting better by the day.

If you’re curious to see one of our technologies in action, give us a shout. We’re always ready to showcase what these tools can do and how they might help you!

Backstage Pass

At MAJOR, we're passionate about process optimisation— and not just for our clients! We’re regularly tuning up our own internal processes too.

Recently, we zeroed in on improving our time tracking. Why? Better time tracking means sharper proposal estimations and quicker identification of any operational snags.

Enter Davs, our chief problem solver, who introduced a game-changing twist to time tracking in ClickUp (the platform that keeps our agency operations smooth). And yes, there's a bit of fun competition involved with a monetary prize up for grabs!

Just three weeks into this new approach, and our team’s performance has been phenomenal—no missed entries at all. We’re not just keeping time; we’re making it count!

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