How we do things

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Sure, two problems are never exactly the same.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't approach them using the same framework. It gives you a solid structure to work within. But with our process, there's also scope to explore, define and refine things as you go. Because we find that with every iteration comes further insight. And this allows us to create the best solution for your brand and, importantly, its followers.

Here's what to expect from a Major project...

  1. Satellite


    First we start with some learning, as it's dangerous to make assumptions in our line of work - that's why we don't. First, we ask all the right questions: what are your customer's pain points? Is the current solution solving them? And what are the requirements to get you there? These are just a handful of the answers we're looking for in a stage that's all about gathering insights.

    Then we move onto to the plan, as we reckon the job's only ever as good as the plan that's behind it. So that's why we blend your business, customer and competitor insight with tried-and-tested design principles. This informs our assets and guides us through user testing and UI development. Importantly it ensures your site feels like “you” - whilst still adhering to best practices.

  2. Lego blocks


    Now it's time to follow the blueprint. Our team will carefully use the guiding principles developed in the previous stage to start putting things together. Bear in mind, this is still an iterative process. So we'll continue to create, test and refine until we've created the best possible solution. Whether that's visual designs, code or event content.

    With everthing built, it's time to put things to the test. Whether that's a website with it's rigorous technical testing, user testing a product user flow, or ensuring things meet the best standards for accessibility - it's all about ensuring we've the right solution to the problem at hand.

    Then it's over to you for the final review and feedback. And once all stakeholders have given the all-clear? Well, it's time to go live.

  3. Hot air balloon


    We invest wholeheartedly in the belief of better - we'll always encourage you to do the same. Your customer's problems will ever evolve and change and it's important that you keep up with things as they do, but also to then put new solutions in place to manage them. The best approaches are proactive and help stay one-step ahead.