It’s important to use the right platforms for the right project

Kentico Xperience

We have been a Kentico Xperience Gold Partner since 2011 and are proud to have built a wide range of sites on the platform. We also have considerable experience in developing a range of bespoke modules that extend the underlying functionality of Kentico Xperience.

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We have 10+ years of WordPress development experience and we always take a bespoke approach to our WordPress development projects, developing our own themes from scratch (as opposed to buying and adapting off-the-shelf themes).

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Headless CMS

There are a plethora of headless CMS’ available and we have experience with many of them. Each project’s requirements would fit the feature set and cost of different platforms so we’d always evaluate fresh each time.

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Kentico Kontent

Kentico Kontent is a headless CMS, content-as-a-service platform that allows easy content population across multiple technologies or frameworks.

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