Bespoke Solutions

Building a Digital Solution from the Ground Up

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Are you looking for an app solution, but don't know where to start? Perhaps you already know it needs to be a custom build? We have the expertise to build your project from the ground up.

What are Bespoke Solutions?

We build end-to-end digital experiences from scratch. This is software-as-a-service designed around your objectives. Expect a first-class user experience that drives results. Got an idea? Tell us and we'll show you how we can create it. We work in a variety of technologies, from React to .NET core.

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What are the advantages?

  • We can build exactly what you want and how you need it.
  • Our bespoke apps are highly customisable.
  • We can integrate with your external APIs. Whether that's a pre-existing service, ecommerce platform, microservice or something else.

What can they be used for?

  • If your project has high complexity requirements. For instance: user accounts, complex data management, SaaS and booking systems.
  • If your project is small but needs a highly tailored solution.

How we'll assess if a Besokpe Solution is needed for your project

  • We will listen to you. We're here to be your collaborative partner.
  • We'll scope out your project in a dedicated Discovery stage to outline the project fully. For more information, read about our process.
  • We will consider everything - from the needs of your organisation, your budget, your timeframe, to the needs of your users.
  • We will consider the size of your organization or expected userbase.
  • Who will consider who in your organisation may need backend access.

Case Studies

Successful Bespoke Solutions

The dashboard of the British Boarding Schools Network web app.

British Boarding Schools Network

A platform for improving international relationships for UK Boarding Schools

The British Boarding Schools Network needed help revitalising their brand, their digital platform and their public-facing website. Through research, creative design and web development, we delivered a cohesive digital solution to achieve all three objectives.