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Are you looking for help with a project with the scope to scale? Jamstack is a modern approach for many projects - specifically those that require a quick turnaround time or are on a budget.

A faster, more secure web architecture.

What is Jamstack?

Jamstack stands for Javascript, API, Markdown. It's an architecture - used to build websites and applications. Jamstack is a type of static webcode that is distributed by a CDN (a global network of servers). This process, known as pre-rendering, is super speedy.

This results in Jamstack sites being highly responsive and quick to load. Whilst there are a couple of different ways to build sites using Jamstack, they can all be done very quickly.

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What are the advantages?

  • It is SUPER fast. Jamstack site performance is high and doesn't require an expensive or complex backend infrastructure. It can also deal well with spikes in traffic.

  • It has low hosting costs. Jamstack pre-generate files, which means that hosting is simple and cheap - and scales efficiently.

  • It's cost effective across the board.

  • It is highly secure.

  • It's hard to break.

  • It can integrate with ecommerce APIs.

  • It also integrates with Javascript and other APIs easily.

  • There are lots of tools used for Jamstack that are used for other applications, including Gatsby, Next.js etc. This makes the technology easy to pick up for developers.

  • It doesn't require patches or updates, so is also low maintenance.

Integrating Jamstack with a Headless CMS

Need a little more control for your project, but still want something simple? Integrating a Jamstack site with a Headless CMS could be the solution you're looking for.

What's a Headless CMS?

It's a cloud provider that stores data and allows you to manage it. This gives you the option to choose how this data is delivered. This means that you can hook up your Jamstack site into APIs.

A headless CMS is still a cost effective solution as, like a Jamstack site, does not have expensive hosting costs. Using a headless CMS also means you are not tied down to a specific platform. There are different headless CMS available, making them easy to integrate into your project.

What can it be used for?

Jamstack is suitable for simple, static pages or large, scalable sites like news outlets. Basically anything with a content structure that doesn't change. For instance, online brochures.

Need a solution with more complex functionality? Have a look at our WordPress, Kentico Xperience and Bespoke Apps solutions.

How we'll assess if Jamstack is suitable for your project

  • We will listen to you. We're here to be your collaborative partner.

  • We'll scope out your project in the Discover and Define stages of our process.

  • We will consider everything - from the needs of your organisation, your budget, your timeframe, to the needs of your users.

  • We will consider whether you need continued developer support once launched.

Building what's right for you.

We can help you choose the right tool to match your requirements.

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