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What are the benefits of using an agency

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By James Harrington

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The real question is, where do we start? Call us biased, but we reckon there are more than a couple of reasons to work with a digital agency. Here's just a handful of perks:

Beat the bottleneck

Over the years, our clients have faced a number of challenges. But we're not talking about finding ways to combat competitors or clutch at the heartstrings of customers. Instead, some of the most pressing issues they've faced were inside their own organisations. An external agency can help solve internal obstacles by:

  • Streamlining convoluted approval processes

  • Delivering value in the face of an organisational restructure

  • Providing a cohesive path forwards for projects

  • Implementing proven digital best practices

  • Achieving a return on investment and getting "buy-in" from internal stakeholders

Your eyes and ears

One client issue that's consistent across the board is a lack of time. Essentially, there are just not enough hours in the day to think strategically when you're putting out fires. Well, the right agency can be an extra pair of eyes and ears; at Major, we monitor customer sentiment, competitors and future trends so you can focus on the day-to-day.

A different perspective

Crucially, this extra pair of eyes comes complete with a fresh perspective; one that draws on a wider experience outside of your business. Importantly, it's also free from any unknowing internal bias towards products, services and assets. We're not precious about anything; just entirely impartial.

Creativity and consistency

Any agency worth their salt will ensure every asset does your brand justice - from the tiniest bit of website microcopy to the largest multi-channel campaign. Because when experts collaborate across design, development, copywriting and more, your touchpoints are guaranteed to feel both remarkably creative and reliably consistent. Today, brand experience is everything for customers - so give them something to remember.

An extension of your team

The good thing about working with an agency is that you get access to the best talent, without having to worry about hiring. This saves you valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent on onboarding and training. Just a professional extension to your team, ready to get cracking immediately.

So, why Major?

For almost two decades, we've been solving client problems with digital solutions. Our sector-agnostic approach has given us a proven track record of delivering projects across a variety of industries. Not only that, we've come up with some powerful new ideas in the process too.

And having been around the block a few times, we've got a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't. So we might challenge you if we think there's a better approach - but that's because your success is our focus.

With Major Digital, you'll get a structured way of solving problems but with the flexibility to change course as your needs change. And that's why our clients stick around.

We're not the digital agency to help you reach your short-term goals; we're the proactive partner that's going to help you define your long-term vision.

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