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Harmony in motion: Building an expressive website experience

Concept art for SweejTech game.

The world-renowned crew at Sweet Justice were looking to launch a new initiative to provide their wealth of experience and expertise in audio design with innovative tools and technologies. In collaboration with Osomi, their purpose-focused branding agency, we sought to bring the SweejTech innovative

The SweejTech logo.

Who are SweejTech?

SweejTech, an ambitious initiative from the renowned sound design house Sweet Justice, is on a mission to transform the sound industry by introducing cutting-edge audio tools and technologies.

Project objectives

Animated and expressive design

SweejTech wanted its website to be more than just informative - it needed to be an immersive experience. The objective was to incorporate animations and expressive design elements to captivate visitors and reflect SweejTech's innovative approach to sound technology.

Fast and highly accessible

Speed and accessibility were non-negotiable factors. SweejTech wanted its audience to experience a fast-loading website, accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities or devices.

Client content flexibility

We need to empower the Sweet Justice team with the ability to effortlessly edit and update content on the website - whilst not sacrificing any of the expressiveness of the design. This required a seamless integration between the chosen content management system and the user interface.

Images of the SweejTech website.

The solution

Headless, composable stack:

SweejTech accepted our recommendation for a headless architecture to decouple the frontend from the backend, providing greater flexibility and scalability. NextJS, a React-based framework, served as the frontend, while Prismic facilitated efficient content management with its API-driven approach.

The SweejTech website on a mobile phone.

Animation tied to components and global settings:

To achieve the desired animated and expressive design, we implemented a system where animations were intricately tied to components and controlled through global settings. This approach allowed for consistency and ease of customisation across the entire website.

The SweejTech website on a laptop.

The results

Performance and Accessibility:

The technical implementation resulted in outstanding performance metrics, with Lighthouse scores consistently exceeding 97 for performance and achieving a perfect 100 for accessibility. SweejTech's commitment to creating a fast and accessible website was met with resounding success.

Expressive, fully customisable website:

SweejTech's website is not merely a digital presence; it's an expressive journey for visitors. The integration of animated elements tied to components and global settings has not only met but exceeded the objective of creating a fully customisable and visually stunning online platform.

Don't take our word for it:

We had a fantastic experience working with Major Digital. The communication was excellent; they made everything really clear, and we felt like we were part of a true partnership. They interpreted our designs perfectly and collaborated on the best way to implement the more interactive elements we wanted.

Ruth Watson

Creative Director, Osomi

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