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Discovering a pathway to innovation for University of Oxford

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At the heart of the University of Oxford Development Office's quest for a new website was not just a desire for digital transformation but a mission to deeply connect with and understand the diverse tapestry of its community.

The Development Office worked with us, not just to validate objectives but to uncover the unspoken needs that would shape a truly inclusive digital future.

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Who are University of Oxford Development Office?

Responsible for fundraising and alumni relations at the University of Oxford, their primary function is to cultivate relationships with alumni, donors, and other supporters to secure philanthropic contributions for the university's various projects, programs, scholarships, and research initiatives.

Project objectives

Unearthing true aspirations

A journey into the depths of what truly drives the university, validating their assumed objectives and ensuring every goal aligns with their deeper mission.

Discovering the hidden opportunities

Recognising the tasks and outcomes not immediately apparent, we embrace the unexpected, turning unforeseen challenges into opportunities for innovation.

Amplifying internal insights

With a diverse group of over 20 internal stakeholders, we sought to harmonise differing perspectives into a unified vision, ensuring no voice was left unheard.

A roadmap to realisation

Our goal was to create not just a project roadmap but a narrative of our recommendations, validating and plotting each of our suggestions towards achieving a future envisioned by all stakeholders.

Our journey was one of partnership, where every document, every workshop, and every analysis was a step forward together. From the depths of data in our technical audits to the lively debates in our prioritisation sessions, each step was about more than just process — it was about people, perspectives, and passion.

The solution

Building the groundwork with stakeholder insights

We transformed stakeholder surveys and interviews into a compelling narrative, uncovering the 'whys', 'whos', and 'whats' that would guide our collaborative journey.

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Revealing the digital landscape through technical audits

A deep dive into the existing digital ecosystem, uncovering insights around performance, accessibility, sustainability, user experience, website analytics, search engine optimisation, and security - to craft a baseline for innovation and growth.

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These workshops were our canvas, painting a vivid picture of the emotional and functional needs of the community and guiding the creation of a digital experience that resonates on a human level.

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Charting the course with MoSCoW prioritisation

This was more than sorting features; it was about aligning our collective ambition with strategic priorities, ensuring every decision propelled us towards our shared goals.

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Architecting the future

The project specification document is our blueprint, detailing every aspect of the journey ahead, from accessibility to design, all crafted with meticulous attention to detail and vision.

Crafting intuitive pathways

Blending expert knowledge with real user feedback to design and iterate an information architecture that was not just usable but truly intuitive and inclusive.

Insightful comparisons through competitor analysis

Our competitor analysis work is a quest for understanding; identifying opportunities for differentiation and improvement by exploring the digital territories of others.

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The outcome

In the end, what we delivered went far beyond documents and recommendations. We handed the University of Oxford Development Office not just a plan, but a promise — a promise of a digital presence as dynamic and inclusive as the university community itself.

Together, we charted a course not just for a new website, but for a new era of connection and understanding.

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