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Headless CMS Benefits #2: Streamlining your Omnichannel Strategy

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By Martyn McDermott

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Do you make sure your brand's voice is heard loud and consistently, no matter where your customers engage with you.

Well, consider this: companies with strong omnichannel strategies retain 89% [1] of their customers. Yes, you read that correctly. In this second article of our series on the benefits of headless CMS, we dive into the magic of aligning your touchpoints for a seamless customer experience.

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Benefit #1 - The Freedom and Flexibility in Web Development Offered by Headless CMS's.

When customers interact with brands across a myriad of channels, consistency is king. Today's savvy consumers use around six touchpoints when engaging with a brand [2], making it crucial for businesses to maintain a uniform presence. Adopting an omnichannel strategy can increase your yearly revenue by 9.5% [3], a testament to the power of brand consistency. With headless CMS, your brand message stays cohesive, no matter the platform.

Understanding Omnichannel Strategy

An omnichannel strategy isn't just a buzzword; it's a holistic approach to customer engagement. Unlike multichannel strategies [4], in which channels often operate independently with little integration, omnichannel integrates all channels to create a unified, seamless experience as customers move between touchpoints. Whether it's your website, mobile app, social media, or in-store interaction, every touchpoint should echo the same message and feel.

The Challenge of Consistency

Maintaining consistency across multiple channels is easier said than done. Disjointed messages and fragmented experiences can dilute your brand's impact and confuse customers. Imagine a customer seeing different promotional offers on your website and social media. Frustrating, right? These inconsistencies erode trust and can lead to a fragmented customer journey.

How Headless CMS Solves the Problem

Enter headless CMS. By leveraging APIs, headless CMS allows you to distribute content uniformly across all channels. No more juggling different platforms or duplicating efforts. With a headless CMS, your content lives in one place and is delivered seamlessly wherever it's needed, eradicating the risk of customers seeing conflicting or outdated messaging on different channels. Your brand's voice remains consistent, engaging, and recognisable, regardless of the touchpoint.

Benefits of Consistent Brand Messaging

Consistency in brand messaging does more than just look good; it builds trust and credibility. When customers encounter the same message and quality across all channels, they develop a stronger connection with your brand. Data shows that brands with consistent messaging experience a 23% increase in revenue [5]. A seamless customer journey not only enhances satisfaction but also fosters loyalty.

Real-World Applications

Let's look at some trailblazers. Brands like Nike and Tesla have mastered the art of omnichannel strategy with the help of headless CMS.

Screenshot of Nikes online store homepage

Nike's uniform messaging across its app, website, and social media platforms ensures customers receive the same high-quality experience everywhere. By leveraging headless API offerings, Nike has customised and optimised its ecommerce approach, turning it into a market leader. This seamless shopping experience spans physical stores, websites, and mobile apps, allowing customers to browse products, place orders, and track shipments effortlessly. Their app also enables customers to check product availability, skip checkout lines, and reserve items for in-store pickup, making the entire shopping journey smooth and integrated.

Screenshot of a TESLA case study on Storyblok's website

Similarly, Tesla has revolutionised the retail experience for its customers using a Storyblok headless ecommerce system. This allows customers to customise their cars by choosing materials or colours seamlessly. The flexible API-enabled features enable Tesla to offer faster, superior customer service and enhanced delivery, trial, and refund options. Without the flexibility of a headless front end, maintaining this high level of product and service customisation would be much more challenging. This focus on service and personalisation has cemented Tesla as a market leader and innovator in the automotive industry.

These brands demonstrate the power of omnichannel strategies [6] in creating cohesive customer experiences. They leverage technology and data to personalise interactions and seamlessly connect touchpoints. Their success highlights the importance of integrating channels, using customer data effectively, and prioritising convenience and consistency in the customer journey

Practical Steps to Implement Headless CMS for Omnichannel

Ready to dive into the world of headless CMS? Here's how to get started:

  1. Assess Your Current Strategy: Identify gaps and inconsistencies across your channels.

  2. Choose the Right Tools: Select a headless CMS that aligns with your business needs.

  3. Plan Your Content Distribution: Map out how your content will flow across different channels.

  4. Integrate and Implement: Use APIs to connect your CMS with various platforms.

  5. Monitor and Adjust: Continuously review your strategy to ensure consistency and make adjustments as needed.


At MAJOR we believe aligning your touchpoints through an omnichannel strategy is no longer optional; it's essential. About 87% of customers think brands need to work harder to create a seamless experience [7]. So there's some serious competitive advantage to be obtained.

With headless CMS, you can ensure your brand message is consistent, engaging, and effective across all digital destinations. This not only enhances the customer experience but also drives revenue and loyalty. What are you waiting for, embrace the power of headless CMS and watch your brand's presence transform.

Stay tuned for the next article in our series, where we explore another exciting benefit of headless CMS.

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