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Accelerating the Musicians' Union

Fair play venue design assets on a mobile phone.

The Musicians' Union (MU) represents a rich tapestry of musicians, who face the challenges of an evolving and dynamic industry. The MU approached MAJOR with a clear vision and ambitious objectives, but a complex array of brand and design needs.

So we embarked on a transformative journey together, focusing on brand experience management and digital transformation. The result was a versatile brand identity system and a user-centric roadmap, laying the foundation for continuous improvement.

Musicians' Union logo.

Who are The Musicians' Union?

The Musicians' Union asked us to work with their members, to refocus their digital presence for their members. Making sure they get the help and advice they need, when they need it.

Project objectives

Membership growth

The MU aims to bolster its membership significantly by 2025. So, our strategy centred around enhancing visibility and engagement. Improving online presence, launching visually powerful campaigns, and crafting digital content that emphasises the benefits of joining the MU.

Inclusive design for diverse representation

MU's commitment to inclusivity was a cornerstone of our approach. We developed a branding system that echoed this ethos, ensuring it spoke to a diverse audience. This meant creating guidelines for brand assets that mirrored MU's diverse community and designing marketing materials that were universally welcoming and accessible.

Streamlining operations with smart solutions

For the MU's transformation into a smarter, more cost-effective organisation, we introduced digital solutions to streamline operations. Our objective was to make the MU's marketing operations more agile and effective, reducing overheads while enhancing service delivery.

Enhancing advocacy with strategic communications

Enhancing MU's role in advocating for better pay and conditions was crucial. Across a broad range of project briefs, we employed strategic communication and branding to raise industry issue awareness and designed materials for effective lobbying. Our intent was to visually amplify the MU's already formidable voice in the music industry.

The solution

Laying the groundwork

Our journey began with discovery surveys and workshops, including stakeholder mapping and needs analysis. This helped align our strategy with MU's vision and identify the key brand elements and touchpoints to focus on.

A Miro board on a tablet.

Sprint to success

A focused three-month sprint tackled the most essential and foundational projects, building design momentum and setting the stage for ongoing brand enhancement.

A Fair Play Tour poster.

Guidelines for diverse and inclusive communications

Digitalisation of MU's Brand Guidelines for broader distribution and creation of a digital design system and web component libraries.

The cover of the MU's brand guidelines.
The MU at a exhibition with a stand.

The outcome

The Musicians' Union's journey with MAJOR was a harmonious blend of strategic planning and creative execution. Focusing on brand experience design and digital transformation, we not only achieved our objectives but also set the MU on a path of sustained growth and influence.

A grid layout of pages from the MU's digital brand guidelines.

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