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5 Tips to Designing a Business Website Your Customers Will Want to Buy From

by Georgie St Clair on 7 March 2017

Pro tips to get the most out of your website design team and develop a website your customers will love

Design a website your customers will love1. What are your website objectives?

Define the purpose of your website. Is your website purely to drive awareness of your products and services, to attract prospects and generate leads? Is it for sales purposes or to support your customers with useful information about your services or product? It's imperative that you define what you want your website to do for your business.

Pro Tip: Before you start, review your current site (if you have one). What works and what doesn’t in terms of content, design and user experience? It’s important to learn from your current site before working on your website redesign.

Designing a website for your ideal customer

2. Who is your target audience?

Knowing your audience's likes, interests, demographics and the problems they need solving, will determine the content and functionality of your shiny new website. How can your business best serve your target audience with your product or service? Define what problem your business solves for your target audience.

Pro Tip: Avoid using ‘vanity’ metrics when measuring the success of your website. You’re attracting an audience onto your website, but are they the ‘right’ audience? Yes visits and pageviews are a good thing. But if your visitors aren’t meeting the website objectives you set in point 1, then your website won’t be meeting the needs of your target audience either.

3. Who are your competitors?

Look at what your competitors are doing. Review your competitors website calls to action, landing pages, the downloadable content they are offering, how quickly their website loads etc. Learn from and aim to improve something you consider a #fail on their site. Admire the cool functionality on their website. 

Be inspired, but don’t copy. Aim to be better than them. Make your slice of your industries pie the most enticing!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to look at their social media channels. How are your competitors using social to expand their messaging and drive visitors to their website? Importantly what are their customers, your potential customers, saying?!

4. Use the MoSCoW Methodology

This is a technique used in project management and software development to

“Reach a common understanding with stakeholders on the importance they place on the delivery of each requirement” 

It’s a useful methodology to apply when defining the needs of your website with your website design team and stateholders involved.

  • Must have - these are the requirements that are critical to the website’s success
  • Should have - requirements that your website doesn’t reply upon, that are important but not vital to the success of your website design.
  • Could have - the ‘nice to have’ elements of your website. These are functional requirements that could be pushed back to a later development stage.
  • Won’t have - functionality that provides no value to your business objectives and target audience needs. They are low priority and not needed to the success of the website.

Pro Tip: get together with the key stakeholders for your project to discuss the needs of your website and its objectives. The more information you can provide in advance, the more likely your website design and development team are to produce a website that successfully meets objectives and serves the needs of your target audience.

5. What are your future website development plans?

When redesigning your website, think about the its future development. Budgets and timescales may mean certain website functionality isn’t achievable now. However you’ll save yourself time and money if you brief your website design team with the functional requirements you envisage your website needing in the future.

Defining the needs of your websiteDownload our swipe sheet and start plotting out your website requirements to create a business website that customers will want to buy from.

And when you have completed it, why not send it to us for a no obligation quote?

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