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9 Simple SEO Techniques (Actionable Tips that Really Work)

by Georgie St Clair on 7 June 2017

Use these basic SEO tips that Google will love and will result in higher rankings.

One question we are consistently asked by our clients is: “How do I rank higher in Google?”

Whoa there tiger, SEO is a HUGE subject! However the good news is, there are simple SEO techniques that you can implement straight away on your website.

Here’s our top 9 on-page SEO techniques to get you started.

  1. Use Short URL’s
  2. Include Keywords in the URL
  3. Include LSI Keywords
  4. Write Longer Content
  5. Optimise Your Title Tag to Encourage Click Through Rates (CTR)
  6. Internal Links
  7. External Links
  8. Use of Multimedia Content
  9. Site Speed & Good Hosting

9 Simple SEO Techiques

9 Simple SEO Techniques

#1 Use Short URL’s

Keep your content URL’s short and sweet. Using a well structured URL not only looks concise, it is much more user friendly (something Google loves) and is easier to share. Like this example from

#2 Include Keywords in the URL

Following on nicely from point #1, always include your target keywords in your title, like the Copyblogger example above.

For this post we’re targeting 'SEO Techniques', so very simply, we have included this in our, short, URL for this post.

Check out this article How to Write an SEO Friendly URL Using the Best Keywords, from Alexa for more tips.

Darth Vadar | Simple SEO Techniques

#3 Include LSI Keywords

Imagine writing an article about Star Wars. You wouldn’t write about this as subject without including words such as movie, cast, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Hans Solo, Darth Vader etc etc.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords are words associated with your main keyword. They are used by search engines to understand your content and the topic you are writing about. This is a very simple SEO technique, but very effective.

We discovered this tool for finding relevant LSI keywords. You’ll also find it gives you some great ideas for blog content and articles too.

LSI Keyword Tool | Simple SEO Techniques

#4 Write Longer Content

Long form content tends to rank higher in Google Search Results. The average Google first page result contains 1,890 words. This doesn’t mean every form of written content has to be long form. Just make sure you mix your written content up a little.

CTR Click Through Rate in Title Tag | Simple SEO Techniques

#5 Optimise Your Title Tag to Encourage Click Through Rates (CTR)

Ever been tempted to click on those titles “Master Content Marketing in 3 Simple Steps”, “7 Ways to Impress Your Boss and Get That Pay Rise”, “11 Proven Ways to Weight Loss Without Diet or Exercise” . The common denominator here is numbers.

Including numbers in your title tag can result in an increased click through rate to your content. And embrace odd numbers too.

“Interestingly enough, headlines with odd numbers received 20% higher click-through rates than headlines with even numbers.” Source: Content Marketing Institute

And obviously don’t forget to include your keywords in your title!

#6 Internal Links

This another simple but very effective on-page SEO technique but a very important one. Link back to other content on your website. You can use 2 to 5 links but be sure to link back to content you want to rank higher or that's relevant to the subject you're talking about.

External Links in Website Content | Simple SEO Techniques

#7 External Links

Sites with external links actually outrank sites with none. Like internal links, limit external links to 2 to 5, but including links to authority sources, helps your on-page SEO.

Read this fascinating study on outbound links as ranking signals.

#8 Use of Multimedia Content

Let’s face it, video, images, infographics and animations are going to make written content a whole lot more interesting and easier to consume. Especially with our short attention spans these days.

This one is great for your readers.
And what is great for your readers = good user experience. Good user experience, keeps people on your site, decreases your bounce rate and results in more Google love for your website.

#9 Site Speed & Good Hosting

Google has publicly confirmed the speed of your site directly affects your ranking. Like a good wine, you’ll get what you pay for. So good hosting is well worth the investment.

So there you have it. 9 Simple SEO Techniques you can action today on all of your content.

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